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Kid Genius Skill of the Week: COGNITION

July 15, 2019

Our Kid Genius Skill of the week is COGNITION. Cognition is the mental act or process of learning and understanding through: thought, experience, and the senses. Children learn through experimenting and playing! Our goal is to provide toys that aid in feeding children's senses and grow their cognitive skills. 
DId you know? Our fun fact for the week: while watching your children play with their food can be stressful for you, it actually helps kids develop their cognitive skills through learning by doing, stimulating their senses, creating cognitive and language benefits through general thinking and motor skills, and learning self control! 
Looking for a fun activity to help develop those cognitive skills for children? Here are three toys that we think they (and you!) will love:
1. Balancing Chairs: fun colors to stimulate the senses and helps children think outside the box and problem solve! 
2. Rectangle Tetris Puzzle: create different patterns and teaches them to problem solve different ways to complete the puzzle! 
3. Balance the Sticks: help the elephant or camel balance the sticks - promotes interaction to solve a problem! 
Teach your children to think and problem solve on their own. We hope we can assist but helping you do it in a fun way!