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Kid Genius Skill of the Week: CREATIVITY

July 21, 2019

Our Kid Genius Skill of the Week is: CREATIVITY. Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas. Kids are able to work on their creativity when they are given the opportunity to play and interact with the world around them! 
Did you know? Our fun fact for the week: Imagination and creative play is lots of fun, but it also helps children problem solve, and helps to work through complex feelings by letting their toys work through problems for them!
Looking for activities to help spark children's imagination and creativity? Check out these three educational toys that we love: 
1. Doodle Mat - compact, neat, and fuels kids imagination! A great way to help children express themselves
2. Magic Art Paper - no mess creative way to watch kids bring a picture to life
3. Mosaic puzzle - this puzzle is a great way to get kids thinking outside the box and creating something new!
We hope our products can aid in fueling creativity and sparking imagination in children!